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Plastic boxes and Containers

iMilani offers a wide range of plastic containers and boxes for logistics and handling of goods within warehouses, workshops and work environments. The iMiCUBE series for example can meet various needs for handling and storage of industrial and distribution locations, introducing to the market a wide range of products dedicated to industry, logistics, distribution, kanban and more. With the iMiLOG brand, iMilani provides its customers with products that can be customised and tailored to their special needs. This division is dedicated to the specialized production of containers intended for the exclusive pairing with automatic systems, as the transloelevators or minishuttles.

Plastic boxes and containers


Universal Boxes


Stackable and foldable Boxes


Automotive Sector


c-Parts and small components

Boxes for Automatic Warehouse

Automatic Warehouse

Automatic System Boxes

50 years of expertese

Plastic box and container moulding

IMILANI plastic boxes have all one common factor: the ability to turn a simple plastic box into a reliable container for your products.

  • Available in different colors
  • for all uses
  • Sturdy and reliable over time
  • Suitable for transport and storage
  • Suitable for food use on demand
GonzagArredi Montessori

Furniture for schools, libreries and Montessori Materials

GonzagArredi Montessori

iMilani holds the property of GonzagArredi Montessori Srl (abbreviation G.A.M.)


Quality, innovation and care for the environment

At iMilani, everything we do is driven by a commitment to put our values at the center of every decision we make. Here are some of our values. At iMilani, we commit to stay true to our values in any decision we make.


Raw material controlled and certified according to our strict quality standards, with composition analysis, mechanical, thermal and functional tests


We put innovation at the heart of each project, each container, each business process. With this principle in mind we intend to mark our evolution over time


We are committed to sustainable business development, with a conscious use of resources in order to protect the environment


Becoming the sustainable reference for innovators looking for a space where containing and moving their own value.

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