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Boxes for Automatic Warehouse

Plastic boxes for automatic warehouses have one thing in common: the ability to transform a simple plastic box into a reliable container for your products within the context of a logistical process that is now integrated both inside and outside the plant.


Innovation & Integration

Brand specialized in the production of plastic boxes for automatic warehouse intended for exclusive combination with automatic systems, whether they are stacker cranes or minishuttles. iMiLOG is able to provide its staff of technicians for the advice and construction of specific systems, both with the use of the SPACE series dedicated to them, and with boxes and trays made to specific customer requests.


Delivery box


Customized box


Automotive box


Plastic containers for warehouses

The iMilani SPACE automatic plastic storage containers have been called this because its strength lies in its broad inner dimensions. This result stems from the optimisation of the structural calculations in the context of a linear, pleasant and efficient design. Space stems from the decade-long experience in plastic material moulding: it represents the state of the art in the industrial and logistical box and packaging sector.

Space is perfect for internal use in the factory, for manual use and in the miniload and mini-shuttle systems. Allows internal partition up to 16 spaces with comb dividers, and compartmentation with additional containers insertable inside the box.



iMiLOG is the Brand specialized in the production of plastic boxes for automatic warehouse intended for exclusive combination with automatic systems

Automatic Warehouse

Cost reduction

The use of new storage systems, based on automatic vertical warehouses, allows multiple opportunities to reduce all those costs that the company has always been forced to bear for traditional logistics infrastructures. A set of inefficiencies that end up affecting the operational management of the various sectors, causing losses in profitability that extend to the results of the entire company system.

 The reduction of costs, with the inclusion of an automatic warehouse, is obtained by:

  • reduction of errors
  • increased productivity
  • lead time reduction
  • increased safety for goods and people
  • space optimization

In addition, an automatic warehouse improves the image of the company which stands out as more efficient and innovative.


iMiLOG collaborates with the main logistics automation manufacturing companies both at national and European level.
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Boxes and bins for Automatic Warehouse

Many of our customers wanted to tell us about their experiences and satisfaction in using these boxes. These people share our desire to always improve how we work. It has been a pleasure to talk with them about internal logistics at their companies and things to come. Let’s have a look at what they told us. Because we can always learn from other people.