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Small parts boxes and drawers units

 Small parts boxes and drawers units

Small parts drawers units with small parts boxes and binds with tilting opening

The Practibox series of drawer units consists of grey ABS structures and high mechanical strength drawers in transparent polystyrene. Available in models of different depth and height, they share a standard 600 mm width which allows stacking ina wide range of combinations. Equipped with a convenient tilting opening, the Practibox series boxes offer optimal access to the product. It is possible to stack modules of the same depth or lesser depth.

  • Drawers in transparent plastic
  • Tilting opening of the drawers
  • Modular shelving units with stackable small parts containers

Modular shelving units with stackable small parts containers




The combination of the small parts drawer unit with the rear steel panels allows you to organize and rationalize the space.



Shelving units of the same depth, or of decreasing depth, can be stacked on top of each other



Boxes equipped with front tilting opening to efficiently respond to the most varied needs.



Optional plinth that can be combined with the rear panel

Everything always available at hand and clearly visible thanks to the transparent plastic boxes. The plastic drawers for small parts are equipped with a convenient front tilting opening that responds optimally to the most varied needs.

Modular plastic containers for small parts such as: drawers, trolley, shelves and cabins

The drawers, made in high mechanical strength transparent polystyrene, are housed in the ABS container, designed to be positioned on Practibox shelves, in trolleys and cabinets; or fixed to the wall with anchor bolts.

  • FOX small parts trolley is supplied as standard with mounted wheels and disassembled frame. 125 mm diameter rubber wheels, 2 fixed and 2 swivel with brakes are supplied as standard. Fox Trolley can also be fitted with 2 groups of Practibox tilting containers.
  • The Practibox swivel shelf consists of a 360 ° revolving base on which 4 Practibox drawer frames are fixed, available in 3 different heights. Capacious, robust, practical, features that make it usable both in large and small spaces.
  • The cabinet for small parts, with 400 kg capacity extractable walls , must be compulsorily fixed to the floor.


  • complete with 2 groups of containers
  • Practibox tilting doors


  • Roomy, robust, practical
  • Three different heights
  • 360° swivelling

Vertical Storage cabinet

  • Modular
  • Steel structure
  • Single opening device

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Small parts solutions

Are you looking for another type of small parts container? Would you like to see the whole range offered by iMilani?

TOPBOX case with PRACTIBOX boxes

The TOPBOX case is equipped with 18 transparent plastic drawers with high mechanical resistance. On each side it is joined by hooks, ideal for storing screwdrivers, scissors, tools and more; on top of the case a larger compartment can contain various tools and other devices.

The drawers can be locked with a lever, avoiding the loss of objects during the transport phases.

  • sturdy carrying handle
  • stackable joint
  • tool tray
  • hooks all over
  • shockproof transparent container
  • total anti-tip closure


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