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Front opening bin for C-parts

The Front opening Compat series container is the ideal solution to any storage problem in the warehouse, workshop or assembly lines. It allows you to have the contents always at hand and in full view, making it easyly extractable. These containers can be stacked stably and safely, and the material is just as easily accessible even when they are one on top of the other. Lifting and transport are aided by convenient handles that allow for a quick grip even with gloves. The largest containers are equipped with a frontal crossbar that helps preventing from any deformation of the side walls due to large loads and to facilitate an easy grip. COMPAT container is also available in the conductive plastic ESD version for the electronics industry.

Front opening bin COMPAT

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Front opening bin COMPAT

Front opening bin for small parts

COMPAT open front containers are ideal for hardwares, workshops and warehouses to collect small parts. The open oblique front side of the container makes the components inside easily accessible. A COMPAT hopper front container is characterized by double front walls that ensure maximum stability even when stacking. Hopper front boxes are also available in conductive polypropylene for use in the electronics industry.

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Three kind of bottom

Smooth bottom

Ribbed Bottom

45° ribbed bottom

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A side reinforcement on the bottom allows COMPAT boxes to be stacked while ensuring maximum safety even under full load conditions


Wide range of accessories for the COMPAT hopper front bins

Containers can be divided lengthwise and across the load units with multiple products in them.

The door made of transparent polystyrele, allows you to easily identify the product and protects the material from dust. It can be opened to zip on the front of the container and, when inserted increases the load capacity of the container itself. Wolf-mouthed containers are available with a different size label holder, from small to large. The label holder allows the subdivision of the material by type and its immediate identification.

The modular nature of the extractable boxes makes the storage of minute goods and small tools that can be moved at speed following the operator and facilitating their work.

Longitudinal and cross-cutting dividers

Practical transparent doors

Internal split with extractable boxes