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Industrial plastic containers and plastic containers

The iMilani offer includes a wide range of industrial containers in plastic, versatile and easy to use, made of materials resistant to impact, temperature changes and atmospheric agents. They are large containers made of plastic, featuring a capacity and dimension suitable for the storage of large quantities of materials. Their side ribbing make the walls robust and suitable for handling and stacking. The containers have been designed to be interlocked, in order to facilitate storage operations and handling.

Plastic industrial containers and boxes are available with feet, wheels or skids. Skids avoid containers to overturn when moved by forklift trucks, and also facilitate positioning of containers in shelves

Large plastic containers and industrial containers for the storage of substantial quantities of materials

Available in various dimensions
  • 1000 x 640 mm h 655 mm
  • 1165 x 790 mm h 800 mm


Available in various dimensions
  • 1000 x 640 mm h 790/815 mm
  • 1165 x 790 mm h 935/960 mm


Available in various dimensions
  • 1165 x 790 mm h 800 mm

Contenitori industriali e cassoni in plastica iMilani

Plastic boxes for collection of exhausted batteries

Containers for collecting exhausted plastic batteries. U.V.resistant and infrared at high and low temperatures. Dimensions 1200 × 1000 mm h 760 mm, capacity 610 Lt. Upon request available with lid and carrying handle. These plastic containers, specific for the separate collection of exhausted batteries, have been designed for logistics and handling both with trolleys and with transpallets.

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iMiCUBE Catalog

Download the catalog and check all types of small parts containers

Containers with wheels and industrial plastic containers for the transport of goods

Containers with wheels and industrial plastic containers for the transport of goods

Designed for industrial use, the container with wheels is ideal for intermediate storage and the transport of items, it is used for example in the industrial laundry sector, as a laundry basket with wheels, and in general in the logistics and transport industry. The containers with wheels perform the function of containers with wheels.

Large plastic containers

Injection moulded plastic containers in High Density Polyethylene (PEHD), for industrial and even suitable for food use. Fully recyclable material, initial melting guarantee and certification. Big dimensions, thus easy to clean and resistant to rust; insensitive to weight changes on contact with water. Highly resistant to UV and infrared rays, high and low temperatures, acids and alkalis. Container structured to be stackable, to facilitate storage and handling operations.

Large plastic containers with wheels