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Euro boxes for automotive logistics

Various solutions of Euro or VDA boxes for automotive logistics available; different models at your disposal depending on your need; smooth, perforated or reinforced bottom available. Standard Euro size boxes have basic sizes compatible with all current Euro formats and represent a standardized solution that is great for automatic handling systems. KLT (or Eurobox) containers are designed for the storage of small products and meet the VDA 4500 standard. Good oil resistance and several automated handling possibilities, automotive containers provide an excellent degree of safety and durability to all types of use.


  • Smooth bottom for silent scrolling on conveyor belt
  • Drilled water drainage bottom


  • Reinforced bottom for heavy loads
  • Automatic handling options


  • Vertical and front handling holes and guides
  • Reinforced bottom for all roll types

Standard euro-sized boxes for logistics

In addition to these automotive solutions, iMilani offers two lines of Euro logistics boxes available in the basic submultiple measurements of the Europallets.

  • Athena Series
  • Athena Light Series

Euro boxes for logistic

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Long boxes

Long boxes

  • Suitable for storing long materials
  • Available as standard with label holder


Mats for workplaces

Mats for workplaces

  • Anti slip
  • Suitable for wiring
  • Galvanized clips system


Shipping boxes on pallets

Shipping boxes on pallets

  • Available in 3 sizes (half Euro, Euro pallet, industrial pallet)
  • Extensible belts


Motion trolley

Motion trolley

  • Stackable trolley
  • Customisation option available with barcode and logo
  • Revolving wheels

Contenitori euro in plastica


Boxes that conform to the size of euro-pallets

The most common measurements of KLT containers are submultiple of Europallet, which facilitates the stacking of containers making the grouping of load units easier and faster. The EURO KLT boxes also represent significant savings for your business and contribute to the philosophy of sustainable logistics. SafeLid is the safest, most versatile and cost-effective way to ensure cargo during transport. Available in 3 sizes:

  • half Euro
  • Euro pallet
  • industrial pallet



SAFELID is the safets and most versatile way to secure loads during transport. It can be integrated with security seals, thus ensuring the inaccessibility of the cargo. In addition, with this solution you no longer need to use stretch film, thus increasing savings in time, cost and environmental protection.


Automotive logistics containers with smooth, perforated or reinforced bottom

I contenitori Euro per il settore automotive, offerti da iMilani, sono disponibili in versione impilabile, con fondo liscio, forato per il drenaggio dell’acqua o rinforzato per i carichi più pesanti, sono adatti ad ogni tipo di rulliera e rappresentano la soluzione ideale per l’industria automobilistica e le catene di montaggio al loro interno.

The Euro containers for the automotive sector, offered by iMilani, are available in a stackable version, with a smooth bottom, drilled for water drainage or reinforced for heavier loads, are suitable for any type of roller and represent the ideal solution for the automotive industry and its assembly lines.

Euro RL-KLT boxes available with a smooth bottom or a perforated bottom for water drainage.