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Plastic boxes and logistics solutions

The main advantage offered by plastic boxes is represented by an agile and immediate storage of a large quantity of medium and small objects, which can be easily identified by means of labels and indicators. Useless to say how important picking is in the management of unit loads and how crucial these operations are for the development of the inventory supply chain, that is, the management of the product quantities available in the warehouse. As part of an efficient logistics, picking operations must be fast and precise. In order to do this, products and goods storage must be equally efficient, that is, facilitate the technicians assigned to exactly identify each item in a simple and direct way.

Thanks to the plastic dividers, keeping tools and small parts in tidy will no longer be a problem

Boxes can be divided by comb dividers and plastic containers. The comb dividers are of polystyrene and available in different sizes, they have slots positioned 20 mm apart and this allows a systematic and variable subdivision of the interior space of the boxes according to the user’s needs. The dividing containers offer the possibility of dividing the space into two or more compartments.

Euro-boxes compliant with the dimensions of the euro-pallets

The Athena and Athena Light boxes are available in the basic sub-multiple sizes of the Euro pallets and therefore represent a standardized modular system that complies with the dimensions of the Euro-pallets.


ATHENA plastic boxes are ideal for storing small components, available in various heights.

  • open or closed handles
  • closed or perforated walls
  • closed, reinforced or perforated bottom
  • hinged lid, sliding lid or lid with handles
  • available with feet or wheels

Athena Light

Unlike the Athena series, they are only available in the 600x400x220h mm size and with larger holes that allow greater ventilation and visibility of the product.

  • open or closed handles
  • closed or perforated walls
  • closed or perforated bottom
  • hinged lid or with handle
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Industrial plastic containers and large containers

Injection-moulded industrial containers made of High Density Polyethylene (PEHD), also suitable for food use. Resistant to UV and infrared rays, high and low temperatures, acids and alkalis.


Plastic pallets and industrial covers

Plastic pallets and infinitely reusable covers, easy to wash. The pallets offered by iMilani are also built with eco-sustainable materials. They can be customized with hot marking, barcode and RFID

Plastic Boxes for all sectors

Keeping tools and small parts tidy in boxes will no longer be a problem thanks to the plastic dividers! Boxes can be divided by comb dividers and containers.

  • Personalized marking
  • impact resistant
  • oil resistant

Plastic boxes